How To Use Multi Surface Concentrate to Clean Floors

Multisurface cleaners that are available as concentrate work similarly to any other type of floor cleaner, but they’re a better investment when it comes to time and savings. On top of being able to clean floors effectively, multisurface cleaners can also be used on other surfaces in the home. Many are free of harmful chemicals as well as being environmentally friendly. Here are a few tips on how multi-purpose cleaners work and how to most effectively use them to clean floors.

Considering Green Cleaner Versus Traditional

Green cleaners, whether you’re using DIY or pre-made from a distributor, have become extremely popular in households for the health and social aspects. However, there are perks and drawbacks to each of these. Many people use vinegar as a go-to for DIY multi-surface cleaners, but one of the biggest complaints is that it has an extremely potent, unpleasant smell and doesn’t actually remove dirt. Other problems that crop up when you abandon DIY is that many traditional floor cleaners like bleach or branded cleaners are made of harmful chemicals that aren’t environmentally friendly and designed for specific areas of the home. Multi-purpose cleaners that are biodegradable are friendly toward everything from floors to vinyl or wood blinds and prevent you from ending up with a closet filled with cleaning supply bottles.

The Perks of Multisurface Concentrates

There are many multisurface concentrate cleaners to choose from available onlineas well as in-store. If you’re a green cleaner, you’ll find many options that can be applied to multiple surfaces that are free of phosphates and completely biodegradable. Cleaning floors often requires different types of cleaning supplies, depending on the material of the floor, ranging from linoleum to hardwood. Most multisurface cleaning concentrates work in the same way as other concentrates, adding a certain part of the concentrate and mixing it with hot water. The only difference is that it can be applied to multiple types of floor surfaces. The amount of concentrate will also depend on whether you’re dealing with light or heavy soiling. Make sure to check the instructions on the particular product before proceeding any further. Purchasing a cleaner that is multiconcentrate is also a money saver since it prevents you from purchasing multiple products.

Get the Right Mop Head to Clean With

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when cleaning floors is not using the proper type of mop head. For example, using sponge mop heads to try and clean floors with grout can cause a problem by trapping dust and dirt in the grout lines. However, using something like a cotton spin mop can avoid these problems. Many multiconcentrate cleaner brands will not only recommend the type of mop head to use with the product, but also even have complementary tools. Fiesta Floor Concentrates, for example, is a company that specializes in multiple products and tools. One of the key aspects of cleaning with a multisurface substance is ensuring that you’re combining the right cleaning tool to get the job done.

There are plenty of multisurface concentrate cleaners on the market, but the best way to figure out which one is right for you is to look at reviews online. You can also often save even more money by shopping on the Internet. Your floors can be sparkling clean and cost-effective with a little help from using multisurface concentrate.

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